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1968 Jeep Kaiser M715 - $1750

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  • 1968 Jeep Kaiser M715 - $1750

    i have come to the sad realization that i will never be able to build my m715 the way i want to. just not enough hours in the day, pennies in the coffers or space in the driveway.

    what it is: stock m715, hardtop, dana 60 front, dana 70 rear, 230 tornado motor, 4-speed with granny

    the good: motor turns over, used to run, hasn't run recently. i think the fuel pump is shot, but i do have a new pump for it.

    the bad: body of the cab needs some work (can you guess where? - hint, right bellow the door - and right bellow your feet) i am *not* a body man, so this is a main motivator for me to part with it. no welder, no fab kills and too cheap to pay someone to do the work for me. also, it needs a fuel tank.

    the price: i'd like to get $1750 for it (included will be two BRAND new batteries and a BRAND new fuel pump). the rest of the truck is all there (minus a fuel tank) and could be running and driving with very little effort (hell, if it will help make the sale i'll brave the cold to toss in the new pump and get it to fire up).

    now... here is where it gets a little sticky. the truck is sold "as-is" without a notarized title. when i got the truck i got the title, but it was an old copy (and an out of state title).

    delivery/shipping - for $2000 total i would be willing to deliver the truck within a 300 mile radius of the PA zip-code 17257

    1997 4.0L Grand Cherokee [For sale]
    1996 5.2L Grand Cherokee [Gutted]
    1977 4.2L CJ5 [Project Rig]
    1968 M715 - [For Sale]

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    what is your location and have you sold the m715 yet? i am interested but i am serving in afganistan for the next year so it will have to wait, do you know of any where else that i may look if you no longer have it when i return?
    peter craig