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How to post a picture

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  • How to post a picture

    I figured this might be useful for some.

    These instructions are for uploading photos using You will have to open an account on similar as to youraccount on HRJA. After you sign up you will have to log in with your username and password each time you want to use it (unless you have cookies set on your computer, I also recommend saving the site as a favorite). When logging in you will be shown a page that will allow you to upload your pictures. A browse button will let you search your own computer files for the pictures you want to upload. You also have the option what size you want to upload the photos as - 640 x 480 is recommended.

    When you find a picture you want to upload, click on it and then click "OK". If you have more than one photo, repeat. When you have picked all of the photos you want to upload click on "upload". What you've just done is make a copy of your picture and put it on their server in your account. You should be able to see your photo below the upload box, you will also see 4 rectangular boxes named "email & IM" "direct link", "HTML tag", and "IMG". To post a picture on HRJA, go to HRJA and start your post, keep the window open for both photobucket and HRJA. In photobucket click on the "IMG". A yellow pop up will say copied. Paste the picture's address into your new post on HRJA. You can put as many pictures as you want on this one post. Finish your post just like any other message, and it's that easy you've posted a picture(s) for me and everyone else to see.
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