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  • Trail Rules

    Jeep Requirements for HRJA Trail Rides.


    1. Tow Hooks Ė Front and Rear
    2. Seat Belts for driver and all passengers
    3. Working Emergency Brake
    4. Vehicle must be insured and registered
    5. No Snow Plow Frames
    6. No Tow Straps with hooks
    7. No Tow Chains

    *Low hanging running boards should be removed.

    *Vehicles may be admitted with running boards, but may sustain damage*


    1. At least a 16 channel CB Radio
    2. Tow Straps
    3. Tree Savers
    4. First-Aid Kit
    5. Fire Extinguisher
    6. Flash Light

    Remember Jeepers, this is to insure the highest level of fun and safety for you and others.

    Thank you,

    HRJA Board Of Directors

    The following are guidelines for HRJA Trail Rides.

    1. Be on time. Please allow time for travel and respect the time the ride is to start. A good thing to do is get the Jeep ready several days ahead of time and gassing up the night before.

    2. Let someone know youíre coming. RSVP is requested for HRJA rides. Let either the trail leader, or one of the officers know that you are going. That way we have an idea of whoís coming and who to look for. If youíre unsure, then call the night before and let someone know.

    3. Install a CB radio in your Jeep. This is essential communication equipment. It will help you keep in touch with the trail guide and those Jeepers ahead and behind you. If for some reason you do not have a functional CB radio in your Jeep - you MUST let the trail guide know prior to the start of the trail ride. He/she will position you in a proper location in the group. HRJA's trail ride channel is 16.

    4. If youíre running late and still coming, call someone. Typically a trail guide has offered to give their cell #ís to anyone, just ask. Doing this will ensure that youíre not left lost and looking for the fun. If the ride starts without you, DO NOT make an attempt to "catch up" to the group without obtaining clearance from the trail guide via radio and/or visual contact.

    5. Remember who is ahead & behind you. When riding on a trail, do not let the person behind you out of site. If you lose sight of them, STOP. Wait for them to catch up. If everyone does this, no one will get lost. If the person in front of you pulls away from you and does not do a good job of having you keep up with him/her then let them know via your CB radio that you need to go slower.

    6. Bring food and non-alcoholic beverages. Trail rides can, and sometimes do, last awhile. NO ALCOHOL ON ANY TRAIL RIDE SPONSORED BY HRJA. Feel free to bring small grills or just cold sandwiches. Remember to take any trash with you, even if you didnít put it there. Call people if you want to meet early and eat breakfast before the ride.

    7. TREAD LIGHTLY AND STAY ON THE TRAILS. Only in an EMERGENCY should this rule be broken Following this rule keeps landowners happy and positively promotes our sport. It also preserves the trail for future rides. You will be asked to leave and not return if you deviate from the trail because youíre bored.

    8. Children need to be safe! This means they must be monitored by their parent/guardian at all times, and be at a safe distance away from moving Jeeps & recovery attempts. While riding, children must be strapped into the Jeep in the same accordance that the law states for riding on public roads.

    9. Closely monitor your pet. Its ok to bring your pet, but remember we are in the woods with deer and other wild life running around. Itís very difficult to catch a pet when they take after other animals. Also, some people are afraid of animals, and some small children are not. If your pet bites someone, youíre responsible. Make sure your pet is strapped in securely. They can get hurt from bouncing around just as easily as humans can.

    10. Ask for help. Its ok to ask for help or a spotter to get over an obstacle, same goes for a strap. No one needs to break their Jeep just because they are too proud. Getting stuck is part of the sport, and working as a team to help others is why we are all part of HRJA.

    11. Listen to your spotter. Most of us have bonded with our Jeeps in one way or another, but our spotter can see things we canít. Taking our Jeep home in one piece is a good thing and is usually accomplished by trusting your spotter.

    12. Your vehicle must be equipped with tow hooks both front and rear. This is not saying that you will need the tow hooks on every trail, but is a safety measure that is in the best interest of everyone. Receiver hitches with a clevis insert is acceptable. Trail guides have been instructed not to use a bumper as a strap/winch point, this is dangerous to the vehicle owner and to all those witnessing the recovery.

    13. Tow straps with metal hooks are strictly prohibited. Tow chains will not be used for recovery, ever. Tow straps should have a minimum rating of 20,000 lbs.

    14. Tree-savers are to be used during winch operations.

    15. Some trail rides may have additional requirements. Due to the various terrain and weather conditions in our area, there may be some trail rides that will have a stipulation for additional required equipment. Examples of such equipment may be: mud tires, locker, lift kit etc. HRJA strives to minimize the number of rides where this is applicable and prefers to host rides which have a variety of terrain for both the hard-core trail riders and the trail ride novices. All members will be notified if additional equipment is required for an upcoming trail ride.

    16. Your vehicle must be currently registered and insured for the state you currently reside in. This is in our by-laws but it is worth re-mentioning here.

    17. Your Jeep should be in good repair to prevent delays. Breakdowns can be unexpected, but the trail guide reserves the right to deny your participation in a trail ride due to the unsafe, unreliable and/or unacceptable condition your Jeep may be in. HRJA also recommends that all trail riders run at least good All-terrain tires on their Jeeps.

    NOTICE: On every trail ride that HRJA hosts there is the possibility that your Jeep, yourself, or one of your riders in your Jeep will suffer damage or injuries. HRJA strives to make the trail rides as safe as possible, however we claim no liability for any damage or injuries sustained during an HRJA event.

    To avoid situations in which you might make mistakes may be the biggest mistake of all. - Peter McWilliams