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    I wish. TNT makes a frame stiffener for the XJ. They are two L shaped channels that weld on from behind the lower control arm mount to just infront of the front leaf mount. I think they are about $120 for a pair. There is also a front unibody stiffener used mainly in the Jeepspeed circle made by TMR. They are just 1/8" plate that also welds on. A litte pricey IMO at $130 plus shipping. Could be made for probably 1/3 of that.
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      National tire and wheel has some failry cheap 3" lifts. You would have been better off running the Superlift 3" they have. Coils add a leafs and shocks 240.00 here ya go:
      It would work good for 31's on the cheap.
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        Im loving the quality of the pictures, kind of offtopic, but what camera / options are you using?

        Im looking forward to seeing this more.
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          someday when I have money I'd like to get those 3'' 4wd whole leaf springs
          and new coils up front. and then a 4.5 inch lift and an sye two lockers 33's winch etc... I wisj I was rich. I'd have the nicest rig.
          but for now I'll be ok with the 2 incher

          the camera is just a casio digital point n shoot. I love it. I use it for professional design work, it takes great pics.


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            Here she is after the bb...

            she went through everything.. of course I drive slow and careful... she is my dd after all..

            did rip off both right side fenders and my front right tire tried to eat my quarter panel/...


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              It's been a long time since I checked these boards. And to Look at this old thread, it brings back memories..
              My XJ has grown up quite a bit since this. here are some flicks. She has been through alot too. and I love the thing to death. how you HRJA people been?
              Click image for larger version

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